The Grace Plan


Benjamin Franklin

Listed here are some basic steps you can take to improve the quality of the food that you supply your body.  Seventy-five percent of your diet should be raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.  Think in terms of building your meal around a salad rather than a meat. These are aimed at helping you achieve optimum functioning, by providing your body with pure fuel sources with very low residual waste product.  The higher the waste content in the diet the more effort and energy the body has to expend on elimination and detoxifying.  Waste includes anything added to a food product that does not provide actual nutrition. The lower the waste content in the diet the more energy can be directed efficiently for use in positive productive bodily functions such as:

    1. Nutrition uptake and assimilation.
    2. And all other normal bodily functions
    3. Cell, tissue organ and system functioning
    4. Cell and tissue growth, repair and maintenance.

The following is for allowing the body to return to health via diet.

*Upon rising, drink 4 ounces of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon or lime to stimulate elimination and break up mucus that has accumulated during the night.


A choice of the following:

  • Fresh fruit Salad (no melons)
  • cup of plain yogurt with dried or fresh fruit slices
  • Grace Energy Shake
  • 1-2 slices of Whole grain bread with a nut butter (rice, sprouted grain, or millet)
  • Whole grain cereal with soy, almond, etc.
  • Oatmeal with dehydrated fruit, honey and/or a milk substitute
  • Fast ~ distilled water only ~ allows the body additional cleansing/healing time (this is not recommended for everyone)

Snack: Fruit (fresh or dried), yogurt (plain) seeds, nuts ~ no peanuts, (raw or dry roasted), rice cakes, raw vegetable/s with humus, your favorite herbal tea. Check out your favorite health food store for healthy sweets, i.e., oatmeal raisin cookies sweetened with apple or pear juice.


Add one of the following starches:

      • Baked potato
      • Sweet potato
      • Rice (brown or mixed grain)
      • Whole wheat or vegetable pasta with marinara sauce or olive oil and garlic.
      • Green salads (no iceberg lettuce) with olive oil and apple cider, balsamic vinegar dressing or create your own recipe/s.

Snack:  See above suggestions


  • Grace Energy Shake
  • Raw fruit (Eat melons separately)
  • Vegetables (steam, stir fry, bake or raw)

Add one of the following protein choices:

      • 4 ounces of fish, turkey, chicken, lamb, lean red meat (once a week)
      • Green salad (no iceberg lettuce) with healthy fixings


Additional Recommendations


  • Drink fresh squeezed juices.
  • Rotate your food choices and be creative.
  • Watch your portion size, calories do count.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables that are in season.
  • Develop an exercise program that fits your schedule.
  • Limit yourself to 2 slices of whole grain bread per day
  • Learn how to shop for and prepare good quality foods.
  • Use Cold pressed Olive, Sesame or Peanut oil for cooking.
  • Take your supplements with food unless otherwise recommended.
  • Become aware of any food allergies or intolerances. They may be the cause of chronic fatigue, weight gain, among other things.
  • Remember to take Factor Seven: Digestin a high-level multi digestive enzyme before every meal.
  • Read labels: There are many preservatives/additives in prepared foods that will cause problems in the future.
  • Eat organic foods when possible.  Stop at that little roadside stand for your fruits and vegetables.
  • Use natural salt like Orsa salt or Sea salt. A good natural salt should stick together when it is damp or wet.
  • Use substitutes: If you must have coffee, there are numerous products the health food store and of course water processed decaffeinated is the best.  Health food cookbooks will have many suggestions for substitutions of all kinds. 
  • Use Pure Apple Cider Vinegar (with pulp) over other vinegar’s, Balsamic is acceptable if the salt content is low. 
  • Take Factor One: Bio-Immunizer a whole food concentrate daily.
  • Go easy on mucous forming foods i.e., oatmeal, eggs, cheeses, yogurt and milk. Take Factor Five: Osteo-X to keep bones healthy.
  • Begin to breathe deeply using your diaphragm muscles. Most of us are oxygen deprived. FYI: Standing up straight will assist you with this new habit.
  • Limit 1-2 cups per day coffee and tea if not caffeine sensitive ~ A 6 oz cup of coffee contains 103 mg of caffeine and 1 tea bag contains 30 mg of caffeine)
  • Avoid ALL canned foods if possible (opt for flash frozen fruits and vegetables).

Do Not

  • Use any margarine
  • Consume any fried foods.
  • Eat white refined flour and foods containing the like.
  • Drink or cook with fluorinated or chlorinated water.
  • Eat because it is mealtime; let your body tell you when it is time to eat.
  • Consume anything that contains Aspartame/Equal, Sweet n’ Low or MSG.
  • Drink any carbonated beverages, it interferes with digestion and pulls calcium out of the bones.

The Big Picture

It is time to ditch that diet! A diet is something we get on and get off of.  This is a LIFESTYLE! Lifestyles cannot be changed overnight. Therefore, do not expect to follow it perfectly from the outset.  Know that you will continue, from time to time, to eat foods that will not provide your body with life. When this happens, do not beat yourself up, just move on. Tomorrow pick up where you left off. As time progress so will you.  Your body chemistry will change and you will find that your cravings for unhealthy foods will grow less and less and your desire for health producing foods will become a way of LIFE that will yield unlimited health.

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