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The Big 3 Power Proteins that Blast Fat

One of these proteins per day can jump-start slimming, helping you shed weight quickly and for good.

EGGS - Eating 2 eggs per day helps women lose 65 percent more weight and 83 percent more belly fat than eating a bagel of equal calories. Each egg has 6 grams of protein to promote satiety. And amino acids, like leucine, in the yolk stimulate muscle cells, resulting in a 25 percent spike in metabolism.

SOY - Snacking on protein- rich soy foods like edamame (twig bean or baby soybeans in a pod) activates the burning of fat energy, initiating weight loss in as little as 3 days. Soy is rich in branched-chain amino acids that stimulate fat-burning mitochondria ("cellular power plants"), which can reduce the production of new fat by 57 percent.

Warning: Please go easy on soy products if you have Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome.

CHEESE - A daily serving of low fat dairy increases fat oxidation (the breakdown of fatty acids for fuel) as much as 20fold, women shed 60 percent more body fat than if they had shunned dairy. The credit goes to dairy’s protein and calcium, which inhibits the product of parathyroid hormone, a compound that encourage fat storage.

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