Swine Flu Isn’t Pretty
And flu shots are not the answer!



Currently there is no good-quality research about how well antiviral drugs work against swine flu. The August 25th issue of the British Medical Journal revealed that over half of doctors and nurses in public hospitals would refuse the H1N1 vaccine due to concerns about side effects and efficacy.

Swine flu is not very different from normal flu which spreads so easily that 30 to 60 million Americans catch it each year and some 36,000 die. Antiviral drugs do not cure flu, but only reduce the time people have it. Influenza mutates so fast that no one ever becomes fully immune.

This is why many individuals who have received flu shots still contract the flu.
In fact, flu shots may actually be worthless! A study conducted by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases found no correlation between increasing vaccination rates after 1980 and declining death rates in any age group. (Archives of Internal Medicine volume 165, 2005) Vaccines have become a billion-dollar money game benefiting the pharmaceutical industry.

The synergistic herbal concentrates found in Factor Twelve: Opti-cillin have been shown to boost the body’s production of antibodies for which both bacteria and viruses cannot develop immunity.  Viruses are parasites which can only survive and duplicate inside a host cell. The natural compounds in Factor Twelve: Opti-cillin enhances the body’s immune response and its ability to encapsulate and digest viruses before they can integrate into living cells and replicate themselves.

Recommended protocol for reducing the risk and severity of influenza:

  • As a preventative measure during flu season, prescribe 2 capsules daily of Factor Twelve: Opti-cillin and 2 tablets daily of Factor One: Bio-Immunizer to provide nutritive support to facilitate boosting the body’s natural immunity system.
    (Each vial constitutes a 30 day supply).
  • At first signs of flu or cold symptoms, in either the patient or individuals he has come in contact with, prescribe the therapeutic dose of 3 capsules twice daily of Factor Twelve: Opti-cillin until the vial is exhausted. (10 days)

Important note: Taking preventative measures during flu season is extremely important. Influenza viruses have an incubation period of 24 to 72 hours and early symptoms may be suppressed until the virus takes aggressive hold. When dealing with virulent viruses, time is of the essence.

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