In the never-ending quest for effortless weight loss, what could be more helpful than a free list of negative calorie foods? Eat food, burn calories; it sounds too good to be true, but it is!

Negative Calorie Food Theory

First of all, all foods have some calories, or energy. All foods also require some energy by the body to burn them, and that is where the “negative calorie” comes in. If a food requires more of the body's energy to burn than the food actually produces, then that food helps create a calorie deficit. As we all know, calorie deficits lead to weight loss. As the theory goes, you can eat to your heart's content of negative calorie foods and never gain weight. Not only that, you'll lose weight!

Remember: Cooking Counts

Before you head out to the grocery store to stock up on these wonder foods, remember that cooking can add calories. If you sauté your veggies in butter, you're piling on the calories and the fat. Please remember to evaluate any additions you make as you assess your calorie intake. For greatest nutritional value, many of these foods can be eaten raw. If you prefer to cook your veggies, the following methods add very little, if any, calories:

  1. Steaming (my favorite)
  2. Boiling
  3. Sautéing with nonfat cooking spray
  4. Grilling

Free List of Negative Calorie Foods: Vegetables

If you love vegetables, yeah for you!  Quite a few veggies turn up on the Calorie Free list. You are free to eat:


* Asparagus


* Eggplant

* Aubergine (similar to eggplant)


* Endive

* Bok Choy


* Fennel

* Beets


* Garlic

* Broccoli


* Green beans

* Brussels Sprouts


* All Lettuce

* Cabbage


* Onions

* Carrots


* Radishes

* Cauliflower


* Rutabaga

* Celery


* Spinach

* Chicory


* Turnip

* Peppers


* Water Cress

* Cucumbers


* Zucchini

* Dandelion



Fruit with Negative Calories

Turns out, you can even feed your sweet tooth on a negative calorie food diet with fresh, juicy, sweet fruit. The following can be enjoyed freely:

* Apples/Apple Sauce (unsweetened)


* Papayas

* Apricots


* Peaches

* Blackberries


* Pineapples

* Cantaloupes


* Plums

* Cranberries


* Prunes

* Grapefruit


* Raspberries

* Guava


* Strawberries

* Honey Dew Melon


* Tangerines

* Lemons


* Tomatoes

* Mangoes


* Watermelon

* Oranges



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