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Quality Assurance

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All formulations are based upon scientific validation and evaluation by health care professionals who understand the importance of nutritional and medicinal foods in health maintenance and disease prevention.
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All formulations were put through extensive testing procedures conducted by an FDA-approved laboratory.
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All ingredients are natural, with any naturally associated nutritional factors intact. These nutritional factors may be missing from synthetically reproduced ingredients.
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All herbs are crystalline extracts shown in the equivalent milligrams of raw stock necessary to equal the extract indicated The extraction process not only removes impurities such as fertilizers and pesticides, but preserves potency. Titans' herbs are pure, potent and biologically stable.
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Each ingredient is in the form determined by research to be most easily digested and assimilated by the human body.
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All formulations meet or exceed U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards for tablet disintegration in the digestive tract.
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All binders and excipients utilize Biozyme-10®, Titan's metabolic and digestive enzyme formula of bromelain, amylase, lipase and papain together with watercress, parsley, alfalfa, lecithin, barley, rice bran and/or chlorophyll. Absolutely no sugar, salt, starch, milk products or preservatives are used.
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All product is manufactured utilizing the latest direct compression techniques which avoid damaging heat, moisture and alcohol.
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All tablets are coated uniformly immediately after manufacture to prevent deterioration from moisture and oxidation and all capsules are immediately sealed.
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All product is packaged in pharmaceutical vials to reduce the effects of light, heat and moisture.
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All product inventory is controlled by computer with each and every vial labeled as to exact fill and expiration date to assure maximum potency for the patient.
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Representative samples of all products are submitted to an independent laboratory to confirm label potency and purity.

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