Liver Care

The  Doorway to Health

Fast Facts:

  • Responsible for over 600 functions in the body.
  • Liver and Kidneys play a crucial role in detoxification.
  • Over 2 quarts of blood per minute are filtered through the liver.
  • Synthesizes and secretes bile for excretion of toxins.
  • Breaks down unwanted chemicals and filters the blood to remove large toxins.
  • Involved in many processes that control blood sugar and hormone levels and the process of converting HGH (human growth hormone) to IGF-1.
  • A healthy liver clears close to 100% of the bacteria and toxins from the body before they join the general circulation.

The burden of the liver today is more demanding than ever.  Toxic chemicals are found in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. STRESS, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, smoke, prescription drugs, etc. overload the liver and prevent it from performing optimally. 

What Happens when the Liver as a Detox System is Compromised? 

The toxins accumulate in the body and make us sick in a variety of ways.  They have damaging effects on the immune function and digestive system.  An overtaxed and undernourished liver is known to be the root cause of many diseases.

Our liver is capable of breaking down and neutralizing a myriad of substances in enormous quantities.  However, if toxins continually overload it, detoxification may be difficult and incomplete. These toxins can suppress the immune system and compromise its ability to recognize and defend against infection.  This excessive load can also directly damage the self-repair mechanisms within each cell. The more toxins are absorbed, the more the liver’s capacity to detoxify is compromised.  This depletion progressively reduces its ability to detoxify, which creates chronic health issues.

Symptoms of Liver Problems

When the liver and kidneys are not supported and kept clean, the body begins to store toxins in the tissue with any number of damaging symptoms resulting.  Toxins can produce:

  • chronic fatigue
  • liver spots
  • depression
  • bad breath
  • skin problems
  • chronic headaches
  • constipation
  • metallic taste in mouth
  • digestive problems
  • eye disorders


  • dark circles/bags under the eye
  • nausea following supplement intake
  • allergies
  • premature aging
  • weak immune system
  • bruise easily
  • web-like red spots on the skin
  • chemical sensitivity
  • feelings of tightness/constriction of the chest and upper abdomen
High Powered Regeneration

The liver is vital to life and has the remarkable capacity to regenerate itself after damage and injury.  However, liver damage becomes irreversible when the liver becomes cirrhotic which means the normal function of the liver is lost and replaced with scar tissue. This occurs when the liver lacks the proper nutrients it requires to function efficiently and has been overtaxed with toxins.

Your liver is the main fat burning organ in your body.  It removes fatty acids from the bloodstream and regulates fat and carbohydrate metabolism.  When the liver becomes over-taxed, the result is “fatty liver,” one of the most common forms of liver dysfunction. A person with “fatty liver” finds it impossible to lose weight.

Chemicals, Chemicals and more Chemicals

Since, the 1950’s, there has been 70,000 new chemical compounds dispersed into our environment and food.  Even our drinking water contains over 700 chemicals including lead and arsenic.  Pesticides, herbicides, and toxic waste seep into our soil and food supply.  Industry and power plants pollute and poison the air we breathe. Modern medicine has also become one of the prime sources of liver toxicity!  A recent clinical study found that painkillers containing acetaminophen, i.e., Tylenol, are a leading cause of liver failure. Other sources include cytotoxic (immunosuppressant) drugs, sex hormones and irradiation used in cancer therapy.

If you smoke, drink, consume Equal (aspartame), take prescription drugs or OTC medications (Tylenol) your liver could be damaged and working below the 100% level required to filter out toxins and convert HGH (humane growth hormone) into IGF-1.  People who are obese, live in a large city, live or work in a building that has been freshly painted or use pesticides in their yard are seriously overloading this vital organ. Even working at 80%, harmful toxins will accumulate in your body causing health problems and disease because it is especially sensitive to toxic overload and will fail to filter all these damaging toxins from the body. A liver working at 100% will clear out most all these toxins and keep you healthy and slow the aging process.  Anyone over 30 will most likely have a liver that is performing less than 80% or less and should supplement their diet with Factor Nine: Liverzyne.

Liver Care Made Simple

People generally have little knowledge of the function and importance of the liver and how it performs nonstop to maintain overall health.  Millions of Americans have a sluggish liver, which have adverse effects on daily life, and are not even aware of it.

Maintaining a clean liver is important to overall health and longevity. The liver filter needs to be cleansed on a regular basis. Factor Nine: Liverzyne is a synergistic formulation developed by Titan Labs containing natural compounds, herbals and enzymes that support liver function and the detoxification in the liver which breakdown and rapidly flush out chemical poisons. Virtually every person, especially if they work around toxins, drink alcohol, take Tylenol, ingest aspartame or have a history of liver/kidney problems, needs the added cleanse, support and nourishment of Factor Nine: Liverzyne.

Many live a lifetime not knowing what is wrong and why they feel blah most of the time. However, you no longer need to be one of them! Good health is simply not possible without a clean liver.



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