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love Your Liver….

This is your liver talking….

  • Avoid taking unnecessary medications (Too many chemicals can harm me).
  • Don't mix medicines without the advice of a doctor. (You could create something poisonous that could damage me badly)
  • Street drugs cause serious damage and scar me permanently
  • Don't drown me in beer, liquor or wine. (If you must drink alcohol, have two or fewer drinks per day)
  • Never mix alcohol with other drugs & medications.
  • Be careful when using aerosol cleaners. I have to detoxify what you breathe in, so when you go on a cleaning binge, make sure the room is well ventilated, or wear a mask.
  • Bug sprays, paint sprays and all those other chemical sprays you use can harm me too. Be careful what you breathe.
  • Watch what gets on your skin! (Those insecticides you put on trees and shrubs to kill bugs can get to me right through your skin and destroy some cells.) Remember, they're serious chemicals.

Did you get all that? Well there’s more…


Eat for Health

It’s time to feed me!

Since everything we eat must pass through the liver, special attention to nutrition and diet can help keep me stay healthy.  Here are some tips on eating for ~ Healthy Liver, Healthy You!

Eat a well-balanced, nutritionally adequate diet. Always remember to take Ultra Veggie Enzymes (Vegetarian Formulation) or Factor Seven: Digestin to assist in breaking down and assimilating must needed nutrients.

Cut down on the amount of fried and fatty foods you and your family consume. It has been highly documented that the risk of gallbladder disorders (including gallstones, a liver-related disease) can be reduced by avoiding high fat and cholesterol foods (see Cholesterol Support).

Eliminate your consumption of smoked, cured and salted foods. Taste your food before adding salt! Or try alternative seasonings in your cooking such as lemon juice, onion, vinegar, garlic, pepper, mustard, cloves, sage or thyme.

Increase your intake of high-fiber foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, rice and cereals. A high-fiber diet is especially helpful in keeping me healthy.

Rich desserts, snacks and drinks are high in calories because of the amount of sugar/s (and often fat) they contain. Why not munch on some fruit, nuts, and seeds instead?

Keep your weight close to ideal. Medical researchers have established a direct correlation between obesity and the development of gallbladder disorders.

If you are dieting to lose weight, make sure that you are still getting all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes (see Life Essentials) your body needs to function properly

A regular exercise routine that includes stretch, cardiovascular and weight bearing exercises, two or three days a week, will help keep me healthy, too.

Outline a water-drinking schedule and stick to it. Flush, flush, and flush some more



Protein, vitamin A, iron, vitamin B12, niacin, fiber, thiamin


Carbohydrates, niacin, thiamin, iron, riboflavin, fiber

*Does not include any white food/s


Vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, fiber, folacin


Calcium, riboflavin, niacin, folacin, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D



Here are some signs of liver trouble. If you experience any of these symptoms, please contact your doctor:

  • Yellow discoloration of the skin or eyes.
  • Abdominal swelling or severe abdominal pain.
  • Prolonged itching of the skin.
  • Very dark urine or pale stools-, or the passage of bloody or tar-like stools.
  • Chronic fatigue, nausea or loss of appetite.


Final Word

See your doctor for a check-up on a regular basis. Remember, prevention is always the best medicine.

Take are of yourself in everything you do. Be a healthy "Liver” - keep a healthy liver.