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Health Recommendations:

A healthy colon is essential for the absorption of vital nutrients and the natural elimination of bodily waste and toxins. When the colon is unable to function efficiently, an accumulation of toxins can build up in the lymph, bloodstream, and intestines. Therefore, the proper functioning of the colon is essential to overall health and is dependent on:

A high-fiber diet providing a daily intake of 40 to 50 grams of dietary fiber. (Most Americans consume 20 grams per day).1

A balance of favorable bacteria (see Suprema Dophilus for information on Pro-biotics) to aid digestion, maintain proper pH (acid-base) balance, and keep harmful bacteria in check.2

A healthy colon mucosa, the surface cell layer lining the intestines, allows for the passage of nutrients into the bloodstream, secretes hormones and lubricants, and prevents the absorption of toxins.3

Proper muscle tone, or peristalsis, to move food through the intestinal tract and maximize absorption of valuable liquid and nutrients, while eliminating waste.4

Regular and timely evacuation of waste to prevent the buildup of toxic substances that result from putrefaction and excessive fermentation. Up to one half of the fecal solids accompanying the typical Western diet consists of bacteria.5

Detoxification is the body's natural process of eliminating harmful bacteria, chemicals, food additives, pollutants, and the residues of pharmaceutical drugs. Today, thanks to agri-business's use of preservatives in food processing combined with the typical high fat, low fiber Western diet, toxins can accumulate in the human system faster than they can be eliminated. A buildup in the body of toxic substances, (known as bio-accumulation), seriously compromises physiological and psychological health.6

Enlightened health professionals have long understood that the proper functioning of the colon is essential to overall health and prevention of disease. Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C. and author of over twenty-five books on health, describes constipation as a "modern plague" that "cripples and kills more people in our country than any other single morbid condition".7

A clean colon leads to improved health. It is important that the bowels move on a daily basis. The body normally excretes waste in 18 to 24 hours and harmful toxins can form after this period.

Retained debris in the colon leads to absorption of toxins, resulting in systemic intoxication. As toxins accumulate in the tissues, increasing degrees of cell destruction take place and digestion becomes poor. Proper function is slowed in all body tissues in which toxins have settled.8

Linking disease to poor bowel function is not a new idea. Hippocrates urged the citizens of Athens to "Cleanse the bowels!"9 Maimonides, twelfth-century physician, said, "If the body does not eliminate properly, the body becomes diseased."10

An essential part of treatment for those with intestinal toxicity and constipation is the provision of a normal diet that is high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse contains three forms of fiber which helps to dilute, bind, inactivate, and remove many of the carcinogens and toxic substances found in our food supply.

These dietary fibers also bind cholesterol and bile acids and consequently reduce their contact with and absorption from the bowel.11, Fiber also prevents bacteria in the intestines from degrading cholesterol into a known carcinogen (deoxy- cholic acid).12

Indications the body may need detoxification are headaches, joint pain, recurrent respiratory problems, back pain, allergy symptoms, insomnia, mood changes, and food allergies. Conditions such as arthritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, sinus congestion, ulcers, psoriasis, and acne can also indicate the need for detoxification.

The most important and longest lasting effect of detoxification is the reduction of stress on the immune system and greater mental clarity. Other benefits can include increased vitality, reduced blood pressure and blood fats, and an improved assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

Natura Cleanse Detoxification Therapy consist of a 24 hour weekend water and juice fast.

Beginning Friday evening, take three Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse capsules with dinner and three capsules at bedtime with 8 to 12 oz. of water. A multivitamin/mineral/herbal capsule such as Life Essentials whole food multivitamin, mineral, herbal, enyzme mega-nutritional is recommended to insure that nutritional requirements are maintained during the fast period.

Beginning Saturday morning, take three Natura Cleanse capsules with one 8 oz. glass of fruit juice; than rotate drinking one 8 oz. glass of fruit juice and one 8 oz. glass of water only each hour for eight hours. Juices may be mixed, such as carrot & celery or apple & cranberry.

The full effects of the Natura Cleanse detoxification therapy will begin to be felt within two to three days. The skin should become clearer, eyes will become clearer, digestion more efficient, energy levels will increase and patient may regain a sense of youthful clarity.

The Natura Cleanse therapy should not be repeated more than six times a year and should be spaced a minimum of two months apart.

Warning: Detoxification therapy may not be appropriate for individuals who are underweight or physically weak, or for those patients with a hypothyroid or a hypoglycemic condition. Any detoxification program should be undertaken only after consultation with a qualified health professional. Normal diet may be resumed Sunday morning or afternoon.

Diverticular Disease develops in many individuals after approximately forty years on a fiber-deficient diet,62 Diverticulosis is a collection of herniations of the colonic wall and a gradual decrease in tensile strength of the intestinal mucosa. Diverticulitis develops when the accum- ulation of fecal matter in the diverticular pockets results in infection and inflammation, sometimes causing ulceration or even perforation.13  Diverticuli are found in about 35% of people over age 65 in affluent societies.14

Individuals suffering from diverticular disease should consider Natura Cleanse detoxification therapy followed by the preventative program as indicated on the label directions.

Diabetes is on the rise and running rampart due to our SAD (Standard American Diet) eating habits and lifestyle. According to the American Diabetes Association, 16 million Americans now have diabetes and this number is increasing rapidly. Each year 187,000 die of the disease, 20,000 go blind, 28,000 experience kidney failure, and another 56,000 undergo amputations!

The care and lost productivity costs associated with diabetes runs $98 BILLION and takes up nearly one-fourth of Medicare funds each year!

Diabetes is divided into Type I and Type II. Type I, or insulin-dependent diabetes, occurs most often in children and adolescents and is associated with complete destruction of pancreatic beta cells, which manufacture the hormone insulin.

Type II, or non-insulin dependent diabetes, usually begins after the patient reaches 40 years of age. Insulin levels are typically elevated, indicating a loss of sensitivity to insulin by the cells of the body. Up to 90 percent of all diabetics are Type II with obesity being a major contributing factor to this loss of sensitivity. In fact, approximately 90% of individuals with Type II diabetes are obese.

Most cases of Type II diabetes can be controlled by diet alone. Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse may be incorporated into the diet as a control aid for individuals with Type II diabetes (Glucose Support)

Other diseases attributed to the fiber-deficient aspect of the diet commonly found in individuals of affluent societies include blood clots in the veins, blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolism), ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's disease.15

Stomach and duodenal ulcer disease is found commonly in patients who eat low-fiber diets and fiber plays an important role in healing these conditions and preventing recurrences.16 Less than half of the patients suffering from ulcer disease have relapses on a high-fiber, low-fat diet when compared to a low-fiber diet.17

Cancer. In a study of 871 men in the Netherlands, researchers found that people in the lowest 20 percent of fiber intake had a 300 percent increase in their risk of death from cancer and other diseases.18 Fiber speeds up the trip that food takes through the intestines, thus reducing the exposure of the intestinal walls to whatever carcinogenic substances are found in the food supply.19

Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower, are quite effective at preventing intestinal cancer, according to the National Research Council.

Weight Control. Fiber aids in weight control by providing bulk. High-fiber foods fill the stomach and satisfy hunger with the intake of fewer calories. Fiber itself provides no calories since it is not digested or absorbed into the body.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers of diet formulations are adding excessive amounts of processed fiber to their weight control products. More than 50 grams per day of fiber does not appear to improve bowel function or weight loss.20 This fact has not slowed down the scam artist in the diet industry where the main concern is profit, not the welfare of the individual.

Some diet and food manufacturers are even adding processed wood fiber to the flour used in making white bread! Large amounts of processed fiber, even miller's bran, when added to the diet can cause excess stool bulk, gas and abdominal cramps.21 Too much fiber also binds essential minerals such as zinc, iron and calcium which are already in short supply in the typical American diet.22

For best weight control results, consider incorporating Dr. Grace’s Factor 2: Enerbolic Thermogen into your diet and exercise program, always noting precautions.


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