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(1) Take the therapeutic dosage of 4 capsules of Factor Two: Bactrol-C with meals for a minimum of one month or as directed by your health practitioner.

(2) Begin taking a probiotic such as acidophilus following the therapeutic course of Factor Two: Bactrol-C.

(3) The patient may take a digestive aid such as Factor Seven: Digestin which will help normalize gut flora and pH balance.

(4) A depressed immune function is the underlying cause of fungus infections; therefore the patient should consider taking a natural immunity booster such as Factor One: Bio-Immunizer.

(5) Avoid the use of corticosteroids, antibiotics or oral contraceptives until "friendly" bacteria has been restored.

(6) Practice stress reduction and relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, or just taking a quiet walk. Exercise is also important for reducing the stress that takes a high toll on the immune system. When pushed for time, consider taking Factor Six: Sommaserene, a non-narcotic stress reducer and natural calmative.

(7) Avoid aged cheeses, chocolate, dried fruits, simple carbohydrates and sugars in all forms. Candida thrives in a sugary environment.

(8) Avoid excessive use of alcohol, coffee, antacids, and tobacco.

(9) Avoid processed and prepared foods which contain preservatives which kill "friendly" bacteria. Such foods include bacon, ham, sausage, hotdogs, and sandwich meats.

(10) Consume as much raw food as possible including fresh salads, vegetables, and fresh fruit (in moderation as fruit contains sugars).

(11) Consume brown rice, millet and yogurt (sugar free) while avoiding fried foods and fats.

(12) Use a new toothbrush every thirty days to prevent re-infection.

(13) Keep all body parts clean and dry. In general, fungus needs moist, undisturbed areas to grow.

(14) Increase fiber consumption. Fiber is nature's broom which cleans out the intestines and keeps toxic substances from being absorbed. Consider taking Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse.

(15) Attempt to maintain a healthy weight. Ideal body fat percentage for men should fall between 18% and 26%. For women, body fat should fall between 26% and 32%.

(16) For women: Avoid pantyhose and tight under things made of synthetic fabrics which reduce air circulation at the vagina, causing over-warmth and perspiration.