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Recommendations for migraine relief:

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, dairy products, and chocolate, which have been determined to trigger migraine attacks.1

Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke, hair sprays, perfumes, packaged luncheon meats, dehydrated fruits that contain nitrates/nitrites and other pollutants, which can precipitate migraine.2

Take enzymes (see Ultra Veggie Enzymes vegetarian formula for more information) for the break down of nutrients vital to the health of the body.

Common Causes of Back, Joint, and Muscle Pain

Being overweight. Excess poundage stresses the joints and exacerbates inflammation.

Take a multi complex formula for joint health (see Joint Support for more information).

Poor posture. Sit and stand up straight always, For example, people who hunch over their computers for many hours a day have higher than normal number of trigger points and muscle spasms.

A sedentary lifestyle. Being sedentary strongly encourages bone mineral loss.

Weak abdominal and back muscles due to a lack of exercise. Individuals should exercise at least three times a week for a minimum 30 minutes a day.

Continual heavy physical work requiring twisting and bending. Individuals must learn to relax and follow proper body movement procedures. Always to a full body stretch before doing any heavy physical activity.


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