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Fat Burning
‘Good Energy’

Researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center have demonstrated that adults still have a type of “Good” fat previously believed to be present only in babies and children. Unlike white fat, which stores energy and comprises most body fat, good fat, call brown fat, is active in burning calories and using energy. The finding, reported in the April 9th issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, could pave he way for new treatments both for obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Scientists had thought that brown fat only existed in humans during childhood and was mostly gone by adulthood. The paper shows that brown fat not only exists in adults, but also for the first time, that the fat is metabolically active.

Obesity is a major factor for type 2 diabetes. According to the researchers, the idea behind a new therapy would be to find a way to stimulate brown fat growth to both control weight and improve glucose metabolism.

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