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The Factor Series

A Safe Alternative to Drugs

The Factor Series™ is a pharmaceutical line of safe and effective formulations specifically developed to address the most common health issues encountered in today’s world. All formulations have been based upon scientific validation of ingredients and clinical studies. The ingredients in all Factor Series formulations are selected for their compatibility with the human system and carefully processed to preserve all naturally occurring nutrients in tact.

 Factor One: Bio-Immunizer is an anti-aging formula, which promotes natural immunity, body rejuvenation and cardiac support. Factor One facilitates the body’s ability to bring oxygen to the muscles and reduces free-radical damage. It is the ultimate anti-aging formula.{DISCONTINUED]

 Factor Two: Bactrol-C is a fungal control formula facilitating the destruction of systemic  pathogenic fungal infections in the gastro-intestinal tract and  restoring integrity to the gut lining. Pathogenic fungi now affects  nearly 40 percent of all Americans, both male and female equally.  Chronic sinus infections, fatigue, bloating, chronic heartburn,  constant allergies, celiac disease, fibromyalgia, and possibly  rheumatoid arthritis are symptoms of a systemic fungal infection. 

 Factor Three: Virilitrac is a total male performance enhancer with nutrients known to stimulate the glandular system to elevate testosterone levels and promote strength, muscle mass and virility. Factor Three contains herbals and sterols which support healthy prostate and male potency.

 Factor Four: DHEA-Forte is a pharmaceutical-grade, pure dehydroepiandro-sterone - a hormone precursor, which peaks early in life in both men and women and begins to fall significantly thereafter. It has been suggested that supplementation with pure DHEA may slow the aging process. Recent research has found that DHEA supplementation in women increases natural levels of progesterone and ameliorates hot flashes. Recommended for adults over 40 years of age.

 Factor Five: Osteo-X is a cortisone alternative for joint and connective tissue inflammation. Provides nutritive support for bone and connective tissue repair. Contains botanicals to assist in the management of acute inflammation and minerals crucial to collagen and soft tissue maintenance and joint flexibility. An excellent arthritis support formulation.

  Factor Six: Sommaserene is a natural stress management product offering nutritive and herbal support for individuals experiencing anxiety, irritability, nervousness, mild depression, and insomnia. This product is non-narcotic and will not impact a persons normal daily activities. A promising natural calmative for hyperactivity in certain children.

 Factor Seven: Digestin provides the necessary enzymes missing in today's foods for proper digestion and nutrient assimilation while soothing the gastrointestinal tract. It supports proper pH balance to avoid gas, bloating, heartburn, and bowel irritation. Recommended for maintaining healthy weight and longevity.

  Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse is an herbal and fiber based formula designed to detoxify the body, lower cholesterol and rejuvenate the colon. Also, known to assist in achieving proper intestinal balance and weight control. A promising drug alternative for the amelioration of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Diverticular Disease.

 Factor Nine: Liverzyne supports proper liver function and the cleansing of the liver, which includes maintaining enzyme levels and optimizing food assimilation. The liver is the main "fat burning" organ in the body. Individuals with over-taxed livers find it almost impossible to lose weight! A highly recommended product in today's toxic world.

 Factor Ten: Femtrac is a female health formulation for the teen to the grandmother that supports the body’s ability to fight female disorders while providing phytoestrogens the body can safely convert to estrogen. An excellent and effective alternative solution to synthetic hormone replacement.

 Factor Eleven: CranPlex provides herbal antibiotics and nutrients that support kidney function. Specifically formulated for individuals with reoccurring bladder and urinary tract infections.

 Factor Twelve: Opti-cillin provides antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal support against infections and infectious diseases by boosting the body's ability to produce antibodies for which bacteria and viruses cannot develop immunity. A promising replacement for the growing ineffectiveness of synthetic antibiotics and an alternative to yearly flu shots.

  Factor Fourteen: Anodyne Plus is a potent herbal based pain mnagement product for those suffering from chronic back and joint pain, neurological disorders such as Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome, and migraine headaches. An excellent alternative for NSAID's (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

 Factor Fifteen: SYSTOL-D is  a natural blood pressure management formulation to  prevent hypertension and promote normal blood pressure and artery integrity.  More than 33 million Americans have hypertension which is a lifestyle  ailment, not a disease. Clinical studies have shown elevated blood pressure  can be effectively treated with herbal/nutritional therapy and lifestyle  modifications.

  Therapy Support Packs are combinations of the different factor series formulations, which were designed to address specific conditions, known to interact with several body systems. For example FactorSix: Sommaserene addresses the concerns of the nervous system while Factor Seven: Digestin focuses on the needs of the digestive tract.

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