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About Dr. Grace

“Apart from hope there is no healing, apart from healing there is no health.”

Marie Grace, PhD, ND, CTN

Dr. GraceMarie Grace’s story speaks volumes to those who have been bound by life’s injustices. She is comfortable with all walks of life, the white collar and blue collar worker, the poor, the affluent, the intellectual and the average every day person. A voice for the voiceless, she dares to speak boldly the message of hope, healing and health - ministering to those that seek to discover freedom from the pain of abuse and the choice to move beyond to a place of God’s redemption, restoration and grace.

Dr. Grace is purposeful, positive and powerful. Her educational pursuits are varied: from a BA in Religion, an MEd in Counseling and Education  an ND in Naturopathic Health Care, finishing off with a PhD in Religious Studies. She is an ordained minister, author and naturopath. Although she comes in a petite package, she packs a profound punch with the Word of God. She is a strong woman that has overcome the hard road to hope to become a successful Woman of God.

As a child of an alcoholic father whose behavior was volatile, due to bi-polar disease and war related post traumatic stress disorder, she suffered the emotional and physical abuse stemming from that background. “The pain of my past hung over me like a dark cloud,” shared Dr. Grace. While she tried to cope with the ups and downs of living within a volatile family setting, her cry for help was muffled by her feelings of shame and fear.

Despite the reality that her life was a mess, she had a deep desire to rise above it all. “But every time I tried, said Dr. Grace, something happened that brought ruin and sent me into a spiraling tailspin.” In her 20’s, Dr. Grace was introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This radically changed her life forever, but it was a long, arduous road to find the freedom and wholeness that she longed for. In talking with her it is apparent that she understands, she’s been there, and she knows how to get out!’

Dr. Grace’s relationship with Jesus Christ afforded her the opportunity to turn her tragedies into triumphs. Her journey from a troubled past to experiencing the abundant life of an over comer has enabled her to “touch” people who find themselves alone and without hope. “Life is filled with opposition and opportunities, states Dr. Grace, and I believe that God wants us to face adversity outfitted to win.”

Her radical obedience will take you from the ‘mundane’ and move you into the ‘mighty.’ “Obedience causes change,” voices Dr. Grace. “Anytime there is transformation, there is opportunity for wholeness. That includes the opportunity to grow more, see more, and be more. The key to victory is to Never Give Up!

Like a butterfly having been released from its cocoon of a turbulent past she has dedicated her life to pulling others out of the pain, isolation and shame of abuse, so they can live out God’s distinctive plan for their lives. Her life is a storybook of God’s grace. For whatever Satan meant for evil, God ultimately used for good (Genesis 50:20). About one thing she is very confident - God’s radiant light is more powerful than the murkiest secret in any of our lives” (Psalm 40).

Acts 10:34 tells us that God does not play favorites. That means that healing, restoration and freedom, as reflected in Jeremiah 30:17-18, belongs to anyone that chooses the highest and the best in Jesus Christ. That truth was the driving force that catapulted Dr. Grace into her destiny as a mighty instrument of God’s healing power. Today she is an inspiration and a walking testimony of God’s love and favor. Health Unlimited Ministries is based in Tampa, Florida where she also resides.

To schedule Dr. Grace to minister at your church or conference, please fax your request to Linda at 413-803-3746 or send an email to

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