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Why Partner With Health Unlimited Ministries?BrightHeartT03

Your financial gift to Health Unlimited Ministries provides the means humimg_donation302for us to spread the Gospel of Hope, Healing and Health through a practical & unique outreach to others. We rely on the generosity of friends like you to help fund our programs, such as the web site you are visiting. Every gift, no matter how large or small, one time or monthly, is greatly appreciated.

What we do...

Our mission is to enhance, encourage and empower faith-based principles for living a completed life: spirit, soul and body. HUM dedicates its resources to helping people from all walks of life ministering to their needs through:

  • Mission Trips
  • Web-based self-health education
  • Complimentary distribution of print & electronic media
  • Continuing research & study in the area of faith, healing & health.
  • Television and Radio Broadcasts
  • Conferences
  • Webcasting

It’s Easy to Give!!

Please enter your one time Love Offering...

We need both your prayers and financial support to help fulfill these important Godly objectives

    “Be generous, and you find others generous to you, good measure, close-packed, shaken together, and brimming over, will be poured into your lap, You will get in exactly the same proportion as you give.”            Luke 6:38

Tax Deductible

All HUM donations are tax deductible under our nonprofit status

The Tradition of Giving

  • 70% of American households make a contribution to one or more charitable organizations on an ongoing basis.
  • According to Giving USA, individual Americans give a total of almost 125 million to charitable and community causes.
  • Giving affords us the opportunity to give to others what God first gave to us. What a way to worship!

Personal Satisfaction....

Some of the best reasons to give are the ones you may not have considered ~ the ones that make it worth your while to go that extra mile. People who have given to a charity report that they get back in satisfaction a joy more than they ever expend in inconvenience or effort ~ what you get back is immeasurable. 

What in the World Can I Do!

You might be thinking, “The little bit that I can do will never help much!” or “What in the world can I do?”  If you’ve ever spent ten minutes reading a story to a lonely child, you know that even that small amount of compassion and attention can make a world of difference.  No one person can solve the world’s problems, but what little you can do, can make your little corner of the world a healthier, happier, safer place to live. Each of us can right a wrong, fill a plate, or teach a truth ~ and that does make a difference for us all!

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