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Immunity, Cardiovascular & Rejuvenation Support

Factor 1: Bio Immunizer


Natural Immunity, Rejuvenation & Cardiovascular Fitness formulation to facilitate the body's ability to bring oxygen to the muscles and reduce the destruction of red blood cells.  Highly recommended for the athlete and the individual with a family history of cancer and heart disease.


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  • Diabetes (Type II adult onset).
  • Heavy smokers, alcohol and liquid candy drinkers.
  • Individuals who are 20% or more over ideal body weight.
  • Individuals exhibiting a family history of cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD)
  • Individuals who consume foods high in sugar, saturated fats, white flour foods and luncheon meats high in nitrite and nitrate preservatives.

 REASONS TO USE (Ailments)

  • To boost natural immunity against cancer, environmental insults, and cellular damage.
  • To help the body maintain cardiovascular fitness and aid in preventing atherosclerosis.
  • To facilitate the body's ability to bring oxygen to the muscles and reduce the destruction of red blood cells.
  • To provide nutritive support to ameliorate the effects of aging and promote the body's ability to fight degenerative disorders and maintain vitality.
  • To promote the body's ability to reduce high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and aid in the stabilization of blood sugar.



Take two tablets daily with food on a consistent basis. Never take supplements at the same time as prescription or OTC medications

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING MAXIMUM BENEFITS: It takes 2-4 weeks for the body to assimilate and utilize herbs. For maximum benefit a 1 month supply (2 vials) is best.


There are no known contraindications with this product when taken in the recommended dosage.


*The FDA has not evaluated any of the statements or  contents of  this website. The information contained herein is not  intended, nor should  it be used, to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or  mitigate any  disease.

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