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Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse


Metamucil, Redux, Lotronex...

The majority of intestinal or "gut" disorders involve problems of peristalsis, absorption and secretion in the colon and occur in the absence of recognizable pathologic conditions. A healthy colon is essential for the absorption ( Factor Seven: Digestin) of vital nutrients and the natural elimination of bodily waste and toxins. When the colon is unable to function efficiently, the health of the individual is compromised.

Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse is NOT a laxative!

Laxatives are drugs! Most work by increasing the amount of water drawn into the bowel or stool, such as, Milk of Magnesia, Epsom salts, Metamucil, Correctol, and Regutol. Others irritate the intestinal walls, such as, Ducolax, Feen-a-mint and Modane.

The side effects of these drugs range from belching, dizziness and fatigue to decreasing fluids and salts and hindering the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Many can destroy the neurological and muscular control of the large intestines if used repetitiously.

Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse is a bulk-forming cathartic and asperient formulation promoting bowel cleansing and intestinal rejuvenation. It is safe for both children and the elderly and may be used during pregnancy. It does not promote addiction and may be used on a consistent basis.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)... also known as spastic colon, or nervous or sour stomach. Some liken IBS to a "migraine of the gut." It is characterized by the presence of diarrhea, or diarrhea alternating with constipation, bloating and/or abdominal pain. These conditions affect up to 22 percent of the adult population.

The Most Effective Treatment for IBS...

...or "unknown" bowel syndrome as it may properly be called, is to reduce stress (Factor Six: Sommaserene), establish a healthy lifestyle, i.e., diet, avoid caffeine, carbonation, increase water consumption, and take Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse.

Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse contains four forms of dietary fiber-Plantain mucilage, Fenugreek seed, Alfalfa and Apple pectin, which promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the colon.1

Berberis extract is an effective antimicrobial agent to keep harmful bacteria in check2 while licorice flavonoids improve the protective substances that line the intestinal tract, increase the life span of intestinal cells and the blood supply to the intestinal lining.3 Rhubarb root relieves constipation, then checks bowel evacuation to prevent diarrhea through its astringent propeties,4 while Ginger root helps restore and normalize proper tone and peristalsis.5

Consult Factor Eight Research Report for full particulars concerning efficacy of ingredient, holistic recommendation and information on the Natura Cleanse Detoxification Therapy procedure.

Diverticular Disease...

develops in individuals after forty years of a fiber-deficient diet. Diverticulosis is a collection of herniations of the colon wall whereas Diverticulitis develops when the accumulation of fecal matter in the diverticular pockets results in infection and inflammation.6 Diverticular disease is found in about 35% of people over the age of 65 in affluent societies.7

The fibers in Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse actually cleanse the colon while removing heavy metals and toxins, a major cause of diverticular disease.8 Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory and aids in alleviating cramping and eliminates gas.9

Diabetes... on the rise and running rampart due to our SAD (Standard American Diet) eating habits and lifestyle. According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 20 million Americans now have diabetes and this number is increasing rapidly.

The care and lost productivity costs associated with diabetes runs $98 million and take up nearly one-fourth of Medicare funds each year!

  • Type1, or insulin dependent diabetes, occurs most often in children and adolescents where the pancreas fails to produce the hormone insulin.
  • Type II, or non-insulin dependent diabetes, usually begins after 40 years of age. Insulin levels are elevated, indicating loss of sensitivity to insulin by the cells of the body. Up to 90 percent of all diabetics are Type II with obesity being a major contributing factor. Type II diabetes can be controlled by diet and exercise alone.

Plantain mucilage and Ginger root found in Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse cause a decrease in triglycerides and beta (bad) cholesterol impllicated in obesity and Type II diabetes.10 There is evidence that Apple pectin may lessen the severity of diabetes11. Fenugreek seed reduces fasting blood sugar and improves glucose tolerance. 12

Weight Control

Fiber aids in weight control by providing bulk. High fiber foods fill the stomach and satisfy hunger with the intake of fewer calories. Fiber itself provides no calories since it is not digested or absorbed into the body.

Unfortunately, many manufactories of diet formulations are adding excessive amounts of processed fiber to their weight control products. More than 50 grams per day of fiber does not appear to improve bowel function or weight loss.13 This fact has not slowed down the scam artist in the diet industry where the main concern is profit, not the welfare of the individual.

Some diet and food manufacturers are even adding processed wood fiber to their flour used in making white bread. Large amounts of processed fiber, even millet's bran, when added to the diet can cause excess stool bulk, gas and abdominal cramps.14 Too much fiber also binds essential minerals such as, zinc, iron an calcium which are already in short supply in the typical American diet.15

It is important that proper weight be maintained for unlimited health. The synergistic combination of soluble and non-soluble fibers in Factor Eight: Natura Cleanse aid in weight loss due to their appetite satiating effect and by reducing absorption of lipids (fats) and cholesterol.

Coleus forskohlii extract stimulates the breakdown of stored fat as well as inhibits the synthesis of fat.16 Clinical Studies also suggest this extract may lower blood pressure and improve heart function.17


In a study of 871 men in the Netherlands researchers found that people in the lowest 20 percent of fiber intake had a 300 percent increase in their risk of death from cancer and other diseases.18 Fiber speeds up the trip that foods take through the intestines, thus reducing the exposure of the intestinal walls to whatever carcinogenic substances are found in the food supply.19

According to the National Research Council, cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, are quite effective at preventing intestinal cancer.



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