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Viagra, Proscar ...

Factor Three: Virilitrac was formulated for those men who cherish the daily rejuvenation of the body's vital substances and the inexorable growth of stamina, strength, virility and resistance to disease.   

Because Factor Three: Virilitrac is utilized as a legal replacement for anabolic steroid drugs, as well as a virility booster and prostate protector, there has been some confusion regarding comparison with Dianabol (an anabolic steroid), Viagra, and Proscar. Below are the most frequently asked questions concerning this optimum performance nutritional:

What are the differences between Virilitrac and anabolic steroids?

  • Virilitrac is a natural product that stimulates the body's own glandular system to increase testosterone secretions. An anabolic steroid is a synthetic drug that artificially increases the body's testosterone, with devastating side effects to long term users.
  • Virilitrac supports higher levels and a longer half-life of active serum testosterone while anabolic steroids "shut down" the body's metabolic pathways of testosterone production, causing natural testosterone degradation.

Does Virilitrac have any side effects similar to steroids?

None. A natural anabolic, such as Virilitrac, does not place the user at risk for liver disease, cancer or heart disease, and will never cause hair to fall out, gonads to shrink, or sexual function to cease. Virilitrac is a male tonic to rejuvenate the body to its optimum potential. Excessive dosage, however, may result in the user to experience testicular soreness. This is non-toxic and will subside when dosage is reduced.

What are the differences between Virilitrac and Viagra?

Virilitrac promotes virility by increasing capillary blood flow to erectile tissue, stimulating the libido, soothing nervous anxiety and oxygenating the heart. Impotency is often a sign of heart problems. Virliitrac is not contraindicated for people using nitrates.

Viagra relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis which forces blood to erectile tissue. It accomplishes this by generating nitric oxide, a powerful muscle relaxant that is contraindicated in men using organic nitrates and/or heart medications. Other risk factors include stroke, heart failure, unstable angina, and arrhythmias. Additionally, 17% of Viagra users experience headaches and 30% find it ineffective.

What are the differences between Virilitrac and Proscar?

Proscar (finasteride) is a drug that blocks the transformation of testosterone to DHT, a potent hormone within the prostate. DHT is responsible for the overproduction of prostate cells which ultimately results in prostate enlargement. Proscar must be taken for at least six months before any improvement can be expected. Side effects include decrease libido, ejaculatory disorders and impotence.

Virilitrac contains Saw palmetto extract which inhibits, rather than blocks, the transformation of testosterone to DHT. Over 20 double-blind, placebo controlled studies demonstrates this extract exerts superior benefits to Proscar without the embarrassing side effects. Additionally, Virilitrac contains no other potent ingredients that function synergistically to shrink swollen prostate.

When will the user expect to see results from Virilitrac?

This depends upon the purpose for which the product is being used, the body profile and overall health. There are too many variables among individuals to state result periods with specific certainty. As a general rule:

Virilitrac works to ameliorate certain prostate disorders such BPH very rapidly ~ usually within a week to 10 days.

The return of virility can occur at anytime but normally within 15 to 45 days following recommended usage. Although Virilitrac offers most of the same therapeutic benefits as drug therapies without side effects, herbal based medications take longer to bring about a result.

Virilitrac will normally promote measurable increases in serum testosterone levels within 30 to 45 days following dosage, depending upon age and body profile. Testosterone can be measured with a simple blood test with the normal reference range between 225 and 900 nanograms per deciliter.

Bodybuilders and other athletes will experience noticeable increases in muscle mass and definition within 30 to 45 days when involved in an ongoing weight-training program.

How long should the user remain on Factor Three: Virilitrac?

Virilitrac can be used indefinitely as it enhances male hormonal balance and provides nutrition lacking in the daily diet of many men. The body functions normally with a slightly increased testosterone level. Continued use prompts a healthy prostate in older men and further acts to ensure that virility is maintained.

Body builders and other athletes, however, should cycle this product for maximum long term effectiveness. Three months on, one week off is recommended.

How can Factor Three: Virilitrac replace three separate drugs?

Virilitrac uses natural nutrients, phytochemicals, enzymes and herbals that act to relieve underlying systemic problems. Low serum testosterone, erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostate are all related to the endocrine system, hence, they may be ameliorated with a single systemic formulation.

Drugs are synthetic compounds that attack a specific symptom. Drugs act quickly, dramatically and their side effects are often extreme because artificial substance disrupt the hormonal balance of the body. Natural medicines act more subtly and take longer to achieve a therapeutic effect but work in harmony with the body's biological balance.

Why doesn't Virilitrac incorporate the latest androgens?

Because they are DANGEROUS!!! The use of dietary androgens such as androstenedione and its derivatives can cause a serious imbalance in natural hormone production and "shut down" the body' metabolic pathways. The exception is DHEA that has no feedback loop with the adrenal glands. To date, numerous users of these androgens have experienced male-pattern hair loss, sexual problems and heart palpitations.

Final Thought

A study conducted on androstenedione (Journal of American Medical Association, June 2, 1999) revealed this synthetic androgen did not build muscle but did increase the risk of heart disease, pancreatic cancer and breast enlargement! A second study, which lasted just one week, (Journal of the AMA, February 8, 2000) determined that androstenedione did raise testosterone but still posed all of the health hazards found in the first study. Because androgens are dangerous their use is banned by the NFL, the NCAA, the men's and women's tennis tours and the Olympics.