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The Pinnacle

in Phytochemical Advancement

Biozyme-10® is Titan Laboratories' proprietary formulation of enteric coated enzymes which are synergistically combined and incorporated in all Factor Series® nutritionals to increase effectiveness and assimilation into the body.
Vitamins, minerals and many medicinal herbs are worthless - regardless of dosage - if the body is unable to absorb them! Many nutritional and medicinal supplements on the market are in forms that are not readily assimilated by the body. Nor do they have the proper nutrient catalyst to make them truly effective.

Metabolism of nutritional supplements requires the aid of enzymes - protein compounds that are essential for maintaining proper function of the body and the assimilation of nutrients. In fact, life could not be sustained without enzymes.

Scientists are unable to manufacture enzymes synthetically. The enzymes employed in Biozyme-10® are derived from papaya, pineapple, molasses, Laminaria, yam root, brown rice, beets, and aspergillus plants.

Enzymes are extremely sensitive to heat, which is why all cooked foods are depleted of enzymes. Titan's Factor Series® professional line is manufactured employing the latest direct cold process compression technique which avoids damaging heat, moisture and alcohol that destroy enzymes.

Titan Laboratories employs Biozyme-10® as an excipient base. Absolutely no artificial compounds, additives, sugar, salts, starch, dairy products or preservatives are utilized.

Biozyme-10® is the conclusive difference why Titan's Factor Series® professional line of products is the pinnacle in performance nutrition for the serious health professional. .

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