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Most people agree that health is a prized commodity. Yet there is a wide range of opinions as to just what health is. Health is often described by its many benefits. It may be greater vitality and energy to one person. To another, health may be increased confidence and inner peace. Other individuals may consider health to be strength, longevity, or fewer aches and pains.

The good news is that health is all of those things and much more. Health gives each one of us the freedom to move about and to accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves. It allows us to enjoy relationships and to live full and fulfilling lives.


The intestinal tract is inhabited by billions of beneficial or "friendly" bacteria, called pro-biotics (for life), together with several strains of candida yeast and some parasites in a ratio of approximately 85 to 15. 

These bacteria and yeasts work...

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Unfortunately, health seems more elusive all the time. Though abundant information abounds, it is more difficult than ever to sort fact from fiction. Many supposed health products and programs are designed as marketing schemes; and we are pummeled with advertising rather than liberating education.

More of us are persuaded that we need to do something to protect and promote health. Feeling we have to take action, we often embrace one philosophy or another but we are basically taking a shot in the dark as far as our most precious commodity goes.

Here is a staggering fact - an estimated two-thirds of all debilitating diseases including cancer, heart disease, type II diabetes, hypertension and obesity are directly related to nutrition and lifestyle choices. The more science discovers about


good health, the more we discover that many illnesses are preventable.

A deficiency in a single basic nutrient that goes uncorrected will shut down the immune system and disrupt homeostasis (balance) no matter how much fad supplements the person is consuming.

Chronic low-level health problems, such as back fatigue, joint inflammation, connective tissue trauma, muscle spasm, obesity, sexual decline, fungal infections and other disorders are being caused or exacerbated by a nutritional deficiency.

This downward spiral in “life force” is insidious because it occurs gradually over a prolonged period of time. Many individuals live their entire lives in this compromised state.

It is also well established that the intake of specific nutrients can help accelerate the healing process and provide above normal healing rates. Studies have also proven that and individual recovering from major trauma, tissue damage and/or inflammation requires 30 to 55 percent more calories of specific nutrition than normal.

Our mental, emotional and physical endurance is completely dependent on our bodies. If we want to be sure our bodies give us trouble-free performance then we must contribute to learning and doing what is most important for health that has no bounds, is total and complete.


The information contained in this web site is designed to help you make informed decisions and is offered for educational purposes only, it is not intended to be used as a prescription for any specific health condition/s. The nutrient suggestions are for nutritional support and should not be used to treat or cure disease. No statement contained in this web site should be construed as constituting a claim for a specific disease. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, we urge you to seek traditional medical help.

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